sunscreen for kids summer
Parents and caregivers know that applying a safe, effective sunscreen to children is one key to protecting them from sun damage. Sunscreen should never be your child’s first line of defense against the sun, of course, and the reality is that some products may actually do more harm than good.
The sunscreens that made the list of the 11 Worst Sunscreens for Kids each have at least three strikes against them: they have potentially harmful chemicals — oxybenzone (which can disrupt the hormone system) and retinyl palmitate (which may actually trigger skin damage on sun-exposed skin) — and high SPFs that don't actually do any more to protect your child than an SPF 30-50.
Additionally, two formulas have another strike against them: They’re aerosol sprays that can harm sensitive young lungs. Convenient? Yes. Good for kids? Absolutely not.
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