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5 Tips for Avoiding Toddler Meltdowns During the Holidays | Baby & Kids

Friday, December 19, 2014 7:02:24 PM America/Edmonton

baby & kids clothingIt’s the most wonderful time of the year…. Until your toddler has a meltdown at the shopping mall, or the family dinner, or on Christmas morning. These are the moments that leave us all rethinking this whole holiday thing. Meltdowns are a natural part of the holidays due to the later nights, limited napping time and influx of sugar, but there are some things you can do to make sure that your little one stays on the “Nice” list.

  1.  Always be prepared with your toddler survival essentials. This is especially important during this time of the year. Bring your diaper bag or backpack filled to the brim with sippy cups, diapers (or training pants), a change of clothes, the favourite toy and snacks. No matter where you’re headed, having all of the necessities to keep them satisfied is a must.
  2. If your child is shy around crowds, holiday dinners might do them in. The overstimulation and intimidation of being thrust I a crowd of (what they consider to be) strangers can be frightening. Sit down with your toddler beforehand and explain “there will be a lot of people we love at dinner and they love you too! So let’s be very nice and shake their hands.” Aso it doesn’t make the scenario easier by forcing them to give hugs and kisses. Just let them do things in their own time.
  3. Trying to avoid a meltdown on Santa’s lap is a tricky one. The first step is, if at all possible, not to wait in a line for 2 hours. It’s frustrating, hot and boring – adults hate it too. Try to go at a less busy time of day if possible. Also, don’t force them to go by themselves or sit on his lap. Your can go ad stand near Santa and be in the picture too.
  4. If you’re doing some last-minute shopping, remember the cardinal toddler-in-the-mall rules: They must have their busy toys, snacks, water and essentials. A stroller is a good option too – even if they won’t sit in it, it’s great for hauling your loot. Take them when they are well rested and let them stop and look around and take in the music and decorations too. Make it a fun trip! If you sense they’ve had enough but you’re not finished shopping, take them to a bench for a break and a snack or even a short story.
  5. Christmas dinner can be meltdown central so the first step is to not put so much pressure on you toddler to act like a grown-up. There’s no reason to let them skip out completely or be rude at the table, but if they’ve had enough to constitute a full tummy, let them get down from the table and play beside you with a puzzle, colouring book or put on a Christmas show in a nearby room for them. That way you can finish your dinner and they’ll be having fun too.

Wishing you all a meltdown free holiday season!

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Get Your Toddler Ready for Preschool

Tuesday, August 19, 2014 7:15:56 PM America/Edmonton

toddler footwearPreschool is an exciting time for both parents and children. Both parents and children get a few hours of much needed freedom. If your child has never been in a school setting before, he or she may be anxious or even scared (and parents might be as well.) Here are a few easy tips to get your toddler ready for their new adventure!

Go Shopping! Your child will not need much for preschool. Most likely a pair of indoor footwear, small backpack, a lunch bag and maybe his or her favourite stuffed animal will complete the list. Make sure the shoes are easy to put on and comfortable if the group is doing physical activity. Take your child with you and if possible, let them choose the backpack and shoes that they like the most – this will help them get more excited to use the “preschool supplies”. If your child has to bring a snack, use handy portable snack cups and a cute lunch bag. Make sure to label everything!

A week or two before school starts, see if you can arrange a quick visit to show your toddler where all the fun and learning will take place.

Talk about the preschool experience with your child and let them ask questions. Ask how they are feeling about going to preschool but make sure that you are positive and patient as they will pick up on your anxieties as well.

Play “Preschool” at home! Have your child act out what will happen in preschool: singing songs, playing games, putting on his or her shoes are all great activities to prepare them. Read books about preschool with your child. There are many books that are about going to preschool or a child’s first day. Go to the library or book store and ask for a couple – your toddler will probably enjoy hearing about other preschool experiences.

Create some at-home crafts o your child can get into the swing of things before the first day. Cutting play dough, gluing and tracing A-B-C’s help them with their fine motor skills. Don’t worry about what information they are retaining at this point – they are going to preschool to learn after all!

Set a preschool bedtime and start using it ASAP to get your toddler ready for earlier mornings. This might go over easier if it's called the "Big Girl" or "Big Boy" Bedtime.

On the first day of preschool: keep your goodbyes short and sweet, and don’t linger if you hear your child crying. The school will call you if the crying continues throughout class (most of the time it stops as soon as Mom and Dad are out of sight!)

Shop our toddler clothing and footwear selections with your little one today!


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Tips for Taking Your Toddler on a Walk | Toddler Footwear

Tuesday, March 11, 2014 6:57:00 PM America/Edmonton


toddler footwear

It seems like a simple thing to do... take your toddler on a walk or short hike. But toddlerscan be complicated and taking them out unprepared can sometimes turn from a fun, healthy activity to a natural disaster! As the icy sidewalks clear up and the spring weather nears, it's a great time to take your little one on an adventure - just follow these tips and you'll be good to go!

Be prepared for anything. Bring a small backpack or diaper bag with essential supplies such as: water, an easy-to-eat snack, cell phone, hat, diapers and wipes. You might also want to bring some containers or plastic bags for rock collecting and little activities.

Dress appropriately. Spring time is mucky so make sure your little guy or gal has the proper rain gear (splash pants) and footwear on. Rain boots are a great choice - just make sure they fit properly and always wear socks to avoid blisters (the walk-ruiner!) If it's not so mucky, some toddler footwear with grips and proper cushioning are a great choice.

Plan a route ahead of time. In case the unexpected happens, like an accident or a fall, make sure you're never too far from home or your vehicle. You don't want to be lugging your inconsolable toddler back TOO far.  Also, consider whether or not you will be bringing a stroller and make sure the route you're taking is stroller friendly.

Be realistic. Don't make this your calorie burning workout of the day. Your toddler will be stopping frequently to explore and play and that's what the adventure is for, after all! (Also, if your child wants to ride a trike, realize you may be carrying it home so weigh your options carefully... Been there, done that!)

Stop for pictures! These are some of the best times to get candid photos of your kids - when they are with Mom and/or Dad, outside and just having a blast getting mucky and figuring out what the world is about.

Have fun on your walk or hike with your little one!

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