If you like to work out, it may take a little while to get back into the swing of things mentally and physically after your little bundle of joy arrives. Your body needs time to recover and your mind needs time to rest. But just because you have a little one doesn’t mean workouts are impossible. When you’re ready, there are so many ways to squeeze in those healthy and often necessary workouts. You may need to change the way you work out, or the times, but we’re positive you’ll still feel the burn!

Hike or Walk with Baby
Hiking or walking with your baby is a great way to ease into activity and it’s healthy for both of you! Choose a time where baby would usually nap or is peaceful. Getting outside into the fresh air and getting your heartrate up will definitely have wonderful benefits and the stimulation (or nap time) is great for baby too. Many parents find that slings work well, or front carriers for really new babes, while backpacks are fantastic for older babies (they should be able to sit up on their own). If you’re thinking of jogging when they are a bit older (after 3 mos.) try a jogging stroller and start running!

Sneak Out
Finding time for yourself during the day can be difficult with babies and toddlers so the best option may be to set your alarm extra early (if you’re a morning person) or wait until baby is in bed and leave your partner in charge! If your partner leaves for work at 8am, get up at 7 and go for a brisk jog or to the local fitness club for a quick but effective workout. Or if you’re more of a night owl you can do the same thing in the evening. If your partner leaves too early, or won’t be home until late and you can afford a caregiver or Grandma lives nearby, try planning a few times per week when you can leave them in charge for an hour and get your sweat on.

Take Them Along
Most fitness clubs and rec centres now offer child minding services. If you don’t mind paying the extra costs, you can leave your little one there for an hour or so. (Just be sure they have qualified staff that are experienced enough to take care of children.) If you want to involve your little one, why not strap them into a sling and dance around? Or take a class that offers Parent & Baby Yoga, or strollercize? These classes are fun, they have great health benefits and they encourage even more bonding time with baby.

Work it… At Work
Are you back in the office and struggling with how to find time to fit in the workouts you crave? Try shutting the door at lunchtime and looking up free online HIIT or Yoga routines.  You can choose from various lengths, ability levels and types of exercise.  Work it out hard for 20 mins, spruce up and eat your lunch felling like SuperWoman (or SuperMan!)

Break It Up
If you really can’t get time away, try breaking up your workout routines into 10 minute long segments.  There are countless DVDs and websites that have 10 minute workouts of every kind. Try for 10 minutes three times per day for maximum benefits! And the best part is, because it’s only 10 minutes you can do it while supervising your baby’s tummy time, play time, snack time… etc.

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