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Dana McMurray-Johnson

Location: Blackfalds, Alberta
Phone: 4033913221
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Bio We are a family of three and a fur baby. Before my little family was to be I was a heavy equipment operator up at Fort McMurray which is where I met my husband. After 6 years and a wedding we decided it was time to start a little family. Being what it is my career isn't exactly "baby friendly", long hours and obviously the commute dictated that after I had our beautiful baby girl I would be staying home with her. It was a decision that changed the entire course of my life. Gone were the days of camp life and hectic days at work, in were the days AND nights of the challenges of a new baby. We have been blessed that she's an "easy" baby. My search for something new to do while being at home with our daughter kept leading to dead ends. Everything that I did find only somewhat interested me or was an extremely saturated market. Coming across Baby & Beyond excited me beyond words. Finally, something I could relate to! I hope to be able to show new and experienced moms new gadgets and tools to help make the little chores in life easier and faster so more time can be spent on the important moments in life.